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American Tourister Bagman Samsonite Caseman
Caseman Warranty Samsonite Warranty
Caseman AOB1 UL Outpack
RM454.74 RM227.37
Caseman AOB2 UL Outpack
RM475.94 RM237.97
Caseman AP03 Explorer
RM559.00 RM279.50
Caseman AP04(T) Traveler
RM750.00 RM375.00
Caseman AP05(T) Traveler
RM785.00 RM392.50
Caseman C01 Foto Pro
RM179.00 RM89.50
Caseman C05 Foto Maxi
RM109.00 RM54.50
Caseman C07 Foto Classic
RM209.00 RM104.50
Caseman C08 Foto Sling
RM189.00 RM94.50
Caseman C09 Foto Elegant
RM239.00 RM119.50
Caseman C11 Digital Monkey
RM75.00 RM37.50
Caseman C12 Digital Dealer
RM69.00 RM34.50
Caseman C13 Digital Shutta
RM65.00 RM32.50
Caseman CP02 Foto Trekka
RM359.00 RM179.50
Caseman CP03 Foto Sling Pack
RM219.00 RM109.50
Caseman CP12 Foto Tank Trekka
RM269.00 RM134.50
Caseman CT03 Foto Sassy
RM159.00 RM79.50

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